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Mr. Bjarne Ravn Sørensen

AGRAMKOW Fluid Systems A/S
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Tel.: +45 74 12 36 36
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AGRAMKOW Fluid System A/S

AGRAMKOW Fluid Systems A/S is the worldwide leading company in refrigerant charging systems and functional test equipment for refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump industries. In the electrical appliance market, AGRAMKOW Fluid Systems helps to improve the end-of-line operations, through its applications expertise, quality based performance technology and customer support.

We apply our knowledge in two business areas that each has its own unique requirements - the Appliance Industry and the Automotive Industry.

Together with our agents and partners worldwide, AGRAMKOW offers a wide range of equipment and functions including:

  • Evacuation- and charging stations - from the simplest to totally automatic systems
  • Flammable and non-flammable refrigerant charging stations
  • Helium leak detection systems
  • Electrical safety testing equipment with various capacities and ranges
  • Computerized performance testing equipment - to increase the quality and efficiency of production lines, measuring and monitoring parameters such as temperature, pressure, power, air flow and moisture content
  • PLIS - the complete Production Line Information System designed for Appliance manufactures to measure and improve every process in the production line
  • Refrigerant charging- and fluid filling equipment for the Automotive industry


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